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The Greatest Specimine
        I took the final sip of my drink, placing the glass back on the table as the ice clattered against it.  I looked up at a jar holding an aging beetle, carefully preserved in a vial of stained preservative.  Through it, there was a door, warped by the glass and vile liquid.  Inside was my most prized preserved specimen.  You see, I am an avid collector of insects, to discover ways to kill pests that plagued the cotton crops of the nearby farms. You see, they caused the stalks to wilt, making it harder to pick each plant.  Every year I had carefully scoured the fields, systematically preserving each one. I remember how my most prized one cane to me fresh today.
        Next month would be the beginning of the cotton harvest and the plants were already listing over from the parasites that plagued them.  My wife had been busy tending to our son'
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The -New- Origins of Math.
A Brief Synopsis on the Origins of Math
       The first major discovery in the field of math was by the first ever known mathematician, known as Ug. Ug lived during the era of ones, so-called because everyone tended to do and name things in, well, ones. This era of one's was where many early inventions and the most major plant species were discovered: the tree, grass, stick, fire, club, and meat. Ug discovered that by taking his hand and raising a digit, he could total an amount of items. This discovery was named "add" by Ug, in common style during the era of ones.  Ug's discovery revolutionized the era of ones with this early system.  However early critics mocked him calling he and his followers Counts.  Eventually this early sneer would become the time honored name of this system, counting.  
Ug, however brilliant, had limited success in removing the already tallied objects.  To remove these
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Orbital Elevator by alienscorch Orbital Elevator :iconalienscorch:alienscorch 2 51
The Wiimote cannon skirmish
Nick sighed deeply; his battle against Flint wasn't going well.  The beginning went well, with his Pokémon easily defeating Flint's first few.  That all changed the moment he brought out his infernape, which soundly defeated all the rest of Nick's Pokémon.
'This is it,' Nick thought, as he pulled a standard red and white Pokéball from his belt containing the typhlosion which Professor Elm game to him several years ago.
"Go Inferno!" Nick shouted as he tossed the sphere into the field.
In a burst of light, Inferno materialized from its ball bellowing a triumphant roar.
"Inferno, this is it. Do you remember that move that we have been practicing all last week?"
"Typhlosion," Inferno responded, nodding to Nick.
"Alright, think you can take us Flint?"
"Without a doubt Nick," Flint responded.
"Then try this! Inferno, use your Wiimote cannon!"
Inferno took the cannon off of his back as Flint watched mouth agape as to how he had missed such a device until no
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Hangar bay 28-B by alienscorch Hangar bay 28-B :iconalienscorch:alienscorch 3 4 Pencil Cityscape by alienscorch Pencil Cityscape :iconalienscorch:alienscorch 5 6 Plasma Lazer by alienscorch Plasma Lazer :iconalienscorch:alienscorch 1 5

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